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José Fernández Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.6
Jing is a screen-capture application for Windows platforms. The application allows you to snap screenshots of your screen at any given time. Windows already comes with a capture utility, and newer versions of Windows come with the Snipping Tool, which is great.
But many features are not as good as you'd want them to be. And some features are even missing. Jing is one of the most popular screen capture utilities. And that is mainly due to the great array of features that it offers. Jing allows you to capture anything on your screen. It can capture the whole screen or just a specific area. You can drag the marker and that will allow you to select the area to capture. You can automatically upload screenshots to services like Flickr or screencast.com. You can even create a file from your screenshots. The great feature that is missing in built-in applications is the ability to capture video. It is actually called screencasting. When you screencast, you record a video of you doing something on your desktop. This is a common practice for tutorials. You can even narrate while you are recording in real time. I had never seen that before. The latest version of Jing is 2.0.8353. However, this review deals with version 1.6.


  • Great array of features.
  • Good design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Innovative features.


  • None.
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Publisher's description

Jing is a free program that allows you to enhance your fast-paced online conversations. It is capable of creating images and videos from what you see on your computer screen and share them instantly. You can add notated screenshots to all your online conversations or create a quick tutorial video you can share with the entire company.

Latest comments

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    Guest 6 days ago

    About recording the sound when capturing a video streaming from a site, the right mic must be chosen in preferences, that is, the system mic and neither the headset mic nor the internal mic. Then it will record the sound together with the its video.
    But there is another problem that I have not been able to measure (if possible at all), that is, you have to first start the video and then begin to capture, mark and start recording it with Jing which causes a miss that at the fastest hand is about 5 seconds.

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    Guest 6 days ago

    It seems impossible to record the audio together with the video when you are trying to capture a video streaming from a site. The mute button is not checked and it shows "Mic On" at the beginning. The mic is chosen to headset mic in preferences and in control panel sound.

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    Guest 11 months ago

    Great little program! It does what it says on the box.

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