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Ricardo Soria Senior editor

Jing is a very handy tool you can use to take snapshots and record videos from any portion of your screen. What is really special about Jing is that it allows you to share your recently created snapshot or video instantly through Screencast.com, without requiring to save the file first and upload it manually.
The program is so intuitive that even complete beginners can use it effectively.

The program features a totally unconventional interface that makes it even more interesting. In fact, it installs a semitransparent "sun" in the middle-top area of your desktop, which is designed to stay in always-on-top mode. Whenever you want to make a capture, you just need to move your mouse towards that sun and select "Capture" from among the options that emerge. This will enable you to select the area of your screen you want to capture and whether you want to make a snapshot or start a video recording. If you select the "Capture image" option, the program allows you to apply a few basic editing functions to the image, namely adding texts, arrows and frames to it and highlighting any sub-area. If on the other hand you select the "Capture video" option, you are allowed to enable or disable your microphone, stop or pause the recording at any moment or restart it. Whatever option you choose, once you finish your capture, the program will allow you to save it as an image/video file, share it directly using your Screencast.com account or, in the case of a snapshot only, copy it to your clipboard.

Another option offered by the program's "sun" icon is "History" and it shows you all the captured snapshots and videos in a new window. Finally, the last available option is "More" and it basically allows you to access the program's "About" information and its settings panel. The only setback I can mention for this tool is that, during the installation process, you need to provide a Screencast.com account username/password combination. You can provide the info of an existing account, but if you don't have one, you can create it directly from the program's installer very quickly. Finally, the program also installs an icon in your desktop tray, which gives you access to the same options as the "sun" icon.

In conclusion, Jing is a lightweight yet versatile tool that provides you with a very simple and practical way to capture your screen action either as images or as videos. You can use it totally free or charge, so I can't see any reason for not giving it a try.


  • Very practical user interface.
  • You can apply basic editing functions to your snapshots.
  • Allows you to share your snaps/videos with one click.
  • Keeps a history of the captured snaps/videos.
  • You can enable/disable your microphone for video recording.
  • You can create your Screencast account from the program's installer.


  • Forces you to have or create a Screencast.com account.
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    Justin Strachan Last year

    Awesome! This software is wicked.

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    Guest Last year

    When recording the sound when capturing a video streaming from a site, the right mic must be chosen in preferences, that is, the system mic and neither the headset mic nor the internal mic. Then it will record the sound together with the its video.
    But there is another problem that I have not been able to measure (if possible at all), that is, you have to first start the video and then begin to capture, mark and start recording it with Jing which causes a miss that at the fastest hand is about 5 seconds.

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    Guest Last year

    It seems impossible to record the audio together with the video when you are trying to capture a video streaming from a site. The mute button is not checked and it shows "Mic On" at the beginning. The mic is chosen to headset a mic in preferences and a sound in the control panel.

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